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This is super important news, tech community! Google Inbox tweeted this morning that they will be giving Inbox invites by 5PM PT if you email them between 3-4 PM PT. Take advantage of this! You have a couple hours. Based on their response to questions on this tweet, it looks like this will not be last time they do this, so I suggest you follow them on Twitter if you miss this offer in order to get updates. Send email to between 3 and 4pm PT View their tweet:
I just got Inbox today. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by we even need the Gmail app anymore? I feel that Google is really good at hyping up their products...for example Google Plus...everyone wanted an invite....there was also Google Wave and the first Google Chromebooks (tell me you were not wanting one so badly? haha) They hype up these things but then take away useful features....such as Google Reader. Man, I miss Google Reader.
@onesmile glad you got to send it! looks like they recieved too many emails and invites should be sent by 6pm PT :)
Sent mine!!! :) Almost missed it , though. Thanks for putting this up~ @TechAtHeart