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Hey guys! Since there are soooo many wheels out there, we won't be able to try them ALL out in this lifetime (I'm assuming none of you guys are millionaires with nothing to do all day), so we will never know which wheels are the best. So, post your favorite wheels here! Make sure to tell us what riding you use them for, and what is so great about them! My favorite wheels are 83a Orangatang Stimulus. They are the perfect wheel for a little bit of everything. The offset bearing alignment s make the board seem wider and more stable, and also keeps the whole wheel on the ground when carving hard. The 83a duro is the perfect mix of cush yet endurance. The thane is beautifully soft, which gives a smooth glidey ride when carving or sliding (but causes it to not be the best for grip runs). It also has a very good roll speed, which makes pumping less of an issue. Big enough for some light downhill, yet small enough for somw freestyle! All adding up to be my perfect wheel. Now its your turn!
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any long boarders in Tacoma live bye tcc wanna ride?
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Otangs are great, but no denying that they are a tad bit expensive. What are the best wheels for price? Id say Cadillac. How bout you guys?
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My next wheels are liam morgan blood oranges and otang durians
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Otang Kilmers are my favorite
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This post is going to change a lot as more sets of wheels come out. Any changes to your guys lists?
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