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Bionic Bird is a smartbird that can be controlled by an app on your smartphone. If you have time, I recommend watching the video attached. The founder and creator shares a bit about his dream and the reason behind this project. Honestly, the first thing I thought about when I saw this was....snitch!! Any Harry Potter fans out there? I can totally see a snitch being made with this technology...we just need some flying broomsticks (which, hey, isn't too far from impossible with that new hoverboard technology being built). You can get your very own Bionic Bird starting at $100 , with expected delivery in December 2014. Great Christmas present, in my opinion. It doesn't end there, they're working on motion control with wearable technology as well as integrating an HD video cam within 2 years.
@csgeek Ya, that's something to think about. I wouldn't have much use for this either, but it seems like a great gift for bird / airplane lovers or even kids. I know my brother would love this, he has a variety of helicoptors, but they are all used with a remote control.
This is really cool, but I have no real use for it. I'm a total HP geek, let me tell you! I would be down to play some Muggle Quidditch with one of these...I don't know if they would ever make a snitch, though. I was reading that battery only lasts ~15 minutes... something like that. So, if you were to use it for a competitive game, then you would need to have multiple ones charging in the background and then switch out.