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Clean Stripe 4 Wheels Down Smooth Arc Smile Machine BAMBOO! DECK Size: 10" x 38" Profile: Slalom Wheel Base: 29" Construction: 7 ply with Resin Epoxy Wood: Bamboo & Pioneer Wood Top Material: Clear Resin Grip BENT METAL TRUCKS Style: Inverted Width: 180mm Finish: Hanger- Raw/ Baseplate- Red/Black Bushing: Black Riser: 1/8th inch- Black FREEDOM DOLLY WHEELS Diameter: 70mm (x 35mm) Shape: 3 Spoke Mag Core Durometer: 83A Finish: Stoneground which style is this board more focused on? is it a bad buy for 120? would you buy it? and if you had 30 extra.dollars which element of the board would you upgrade bushings, bearings, wheels, trucks, shock absorbers or what?
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I'd drop $110 on it. Still super solid construction, but I'd throw in the extra $20 for an upgrade on bearings and bushings... These setups don't need to cost $150.
@DustinLavender I'll agree that you don't NEED to splurge on a setup, but its definitely worth it when you do!
i may just get some berrings and bushings because i just took apart my truck for the first time to check out what sort of bushing i had its not black its red idk which brand it doesnt say its a coneish shape and its very soft probabley not the best for someone who weighs 200-215
@JoeyMotionless you won't find brand names on bushings, check out this link if you need to find some new ones fit just for you (:
cones are for carve mainly. you want barrels or similar