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Another book series turned television show from Pretty Little Liars author Sara Shepard, The Perfectionists is in production and coming to ABC Family soon. The Perfectionists is a murder mystery about five women who must solve the mystery death of a man they were plotting revenger on but who was murdered before they had the chance to kill him in the very way they had planned. Sounds just scandalous enough to go head to head with PLL!
@TechAtHeart I totally feel the same way!! I can't get into any of their shows for more than a few episodes. @pixiedust that would explain it!
@timeturnerjones I haven't either but it's by the same author so that's probably why. I'm with @TechAtHeart it's not really my style, but I know PLL is quite popular so maybe people will enjoy it!
I don't really like ABC Family shows...so cheesy and PLL dragged on too long...but if promos look good I might try this one :)
I haven't actually read this series (it seems a little...Pretty Little Liars to me? I never loved that series) but I might enjoy the TV version, who knows!