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Stumbled on this post about CNN using the Surface Pro as an iPad stand. Quite funny...
@patrickballeux @TechAtHeart I feel that it could have been planned. I think everything we see in media is planned...why would they even have the iPads out knowing that they have the Surface Pro sponsoring them???
This is hilarious. Let's hope they were using both... I don't know why the would purposely do that....I'm sure Apple wouldn't go that far, right?
I was thinking about this and wondering if medias are making a big deal of this. Maybe they used both devices at the same time? Just for a short period of time they were focusing on the iPad then the Surface Pro... Is this a big fuss or does it mean something more from a marketing point of view?
@csgeek Yeah that's very get people talking at least? I feel that no matter what people do, there's always going to be those who are pro windows and pro mac.
I agree I think it is planned. they are some VERY smart fuckers.