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Drama series follows love lives and marriages of four different couples with a single mother as the central figure. No Min Woo Park Si Yeon Bae Soo Bin
I saw that drama and I wondered of the law in Korea. How to be a father the right to keep the child in this young age
Definitely one of my current favorites!
*19-25 year olds
love the drama. it's refreshing to watch a drama that it's not the typical teenage, high school romance with 19-25 year old son as the main characters. I hate No Min Woo's wimpy character, he needs a little more testosterone, balls. I also hate Bae Soo Bin's character. he's a total a** h***.! I have no respect for that type of "man" I have to applaud Park Si Yeon 's character. it takes a great deal of courage to go against the norm established by a patriarchal society. rooting for her and baby all the way. I would really, truly hate for her to end up with Bae Soo Bin!
@dramacrazy I like watching this drama coz of the story and enjoy how everyone in this drama do their role well