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Crazy Garage Security Tries To Take a guys Board whoa,that was a wonderful getaway he definetly knows a thing or two
I remember the first time me and my friends got caught in a parking garage. The security guard was fat and chased us out on his golf cart
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I jumped off the second story of a parking garage over a rent a cop while he wasn't looking. That was an interesting night
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wow sounds like a hell of a night unfourtunatly ive never shreded a garage how do you get to the top stairs elevator or have a,car drop you off on top
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Elevator, if not then stairs
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Can someone explain to me what these kids are doing wrong? They're just having fun. They could be doing worse things, like selling drugs in a parking deck. This parking garage looks pretty empty to me. I don't understand how they're a nuisance. :/
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