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I'm new to this app and it seems cool so im going to be sharing my small collection of instruments. :) This is a Squier Modified Jazz Bass which was also my first bass.December she'll be a year old (time flies!) I've played bass for a year so far and i also play guitar as well... just not as well as the bass :P.
At some point I'll transition to playing electric bass. I went straight from guitar to learning how to play a stand up bass haha. Was a great life decision.
It's so nice! I've always wanted to pick it up...but just stuck with guitar
I kind of wish I learned how to play stand up bass I want to actually learn how to read sheet music and such. @ShaneHanssler
Thanks! I learned bass first because... well i just love music haha but i also found it fun to play. Guitar is also a lot of fun. Love both instruments. they get me in a good mood!