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After watching a lot of the videos that get shared here I realize that the hills around my area are pretty short. And if it's a long stretch of good skateable road it's flat as hell. Like I wanna post videos but 1 quality is terrible and and 2 they're really short runs. I need to look for more good hills with little traffic. If I can make a video that's longer than a minute I'll see about posting it.
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sweet man!
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Lol it's kinda sad that I'm only now learning the styles after I've already been riding for 4 years but better late than never! @steezus
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@DanielSpazJames Well there is a difference between casual longboarding and the 'sport' of longboarding. It doesn't mean casual longboarding can't be good, I longboarded for years before I looked at videos of people doing it online. I would just bomb hills/parking garages and make up tricks as I go or as I learned them from others in person
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@mikerosa92 I'm aware of that I mean I am more of a casual boarder and don't get me wrong I love boarding the area it's just I'm looking for some nice safe spots to learn to freeride. Being in this community has opened my eyes and I'm looking forward to widening the spectrum of what I can do. And if it means I could get to competition level good that'd be great.
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hey it may take a bit looking around every time you are in a car keep an eye out for hills and stuff that looks like it may deserve a shred or two it may take some time but youllfind your hill and i hope you make it yours
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