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After watching a lot of the videos that get shared here I realize that the hills around my area are pretty short. And if it's a long stretch of good skateable road it's flat as hell. Like I wanna post videos but 1 quality is terrible and and 2 they're really short runs. I need to look for more good hills with little traffic. If I can make a video that's longer than a minute I'll see about posting it.
So true @MicahKnopp I just showed my friend a flat top on a really ghetto pintail I made, and he was pretty impressed. (The trucks on the pintail are mounted so that there's like 1/2 an inch of tail left, so it was a pretty good thing to pull off)
oh, well we all learn something today haha. I got the terms mixed up a bit. the more ya know xD
@DanielSpazJames freeride is like the sliding, and freestyle is the tricks
hey it may take a bit looking around every time you are in a car keep an eye out for hills and stuff that looks like it may deserve a shred or two it may take some time but youllfind your hill and i hope you make it yours
Lol it's kinda sad that I'm only now learning the styles after I've already been riding for 4 years but better late than never! @steezus
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