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This is a short post asking a simple question: why are you sticking to Windows when you have some many choices available on your PC? You fell in love with iOS and its new concept. You went crazy with Android and what you could do with it. Windows has made our lives often more complicated than it should have been. Why sticking with it when there are so many choice available like Ubuntu. And did I mentioned "for free"? It does cost to try it out and discover and friendly environment as you already have on your smart devices...
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@techatheart, can you tell us a little more about what you are using Adobe's tools for (Image processing, animation, etc. ) ?
@orenshani7 No animation. Photoshop / Illustrator I use for graphic design. This ranges from web design to print design, such as business cards, posters, tshirts. Lightroom I use to edit my photos. Dreamweaver I use for work, to maintain website, and occasionally I'll use premier for video editing, but that is only once in a blue moon! I have used Gimp before as an open source alternative to photoshop, but it does not have every feature photoshop has
@techatheart, first of all, give Gimp another chance. It is much more mature than it was. In a more general tone, the beauty of open source is that you have so many options for anything, and you can experiment and find what works best for you. The trick is to learn to work in an "unbundled" way, in which you use many tools that work well together. I would think that as an artist you may find this to be an exciting opportunity.
@orenshani7 thank you! I will give it another try! last time I used it was ~3 years ago!
@techatheart definitely try Gimp again. It has changed a lot since then. I'm not a graphic designer but I do like it. Beats paying hundreds of dollars.