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I'm a beginner long boarder and I really want to get to bombing actual hills. I've gone down hills before, but not real steep and long stretches. There's a nice street right by my house that goes for about a mile or 2. It starts off really steep and then continues on for quite a while. I'm not going to lie though, I'm a nervous guy. I had a bad experience falling off my board and breaking my wrist in the past, and ever since then steepness, and that feeling of accelerating has made me uneasy. Also speed wobbles terrify me. Anyways this is what I have for a board right now, but I wanna start DH. So what would you guys recommend for a first time downhiller?
Always always always wear a helmet, and pads if you're a beginner. And if there are any intersections, or roads that cut into this big hill, have a spotter watch for cars and tell you when it's ok to go. This board looks more freeride oriented, but it should work!
@10murphyj shift your body and weight over the front truck and keep your center of gravity low. That being said, do not go for the steepest hill around at first. Just ride hills you are comfortable with and work up from there. Bombing a steep hill when you aren't ready isn't the right way to do it
before you learn downhill, learn and get good at freeride first. "bombing hills" isn't as easy as it may seem in videos. a good setup is useless if the rider is not capable. I'm not trying to hate or anything, its more for your own safety than anything else make sure you know predrifts, pendys and shutdown slides. before hitting any hills and make sure you don't blow lines.
yeah, I've had a bad experience with going down a hill, the best thing to do is take it easy. what I do it go from taking off near the bottom and eventually making your way slowly to the top. that's what I do at least
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