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I'm a beginner long boarder and I really want to get to bombing actual hills. I've gone down hills before, but not real steep and long stretches. There's a nice street right by my house that goes for about a mile or 2. It starts off really steep and then continues on for quite a while. I'm not going to lie though, I'm a nervous guy. I had a bad experience falling off my board and breaking my wrist in the past, and ever since then steepness, and that feeling of accelerating has made me uneasy. Also speed wobbles terrify me. Anyways this is what I have for a board right now, but I wanna start DH. So what would you guys recommend for a first time downhiller?
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I fell you
De do do do De da da da...well everything else has been said me thinks...I know uh wear a puffy sleeved shirt yeah and a cape and a handle bar mustache and attach a Dolly Parton wig to your helmet with velcro and call yourself.... The Duke of Thane or Dot for short or El Dot kinda catchy eh? Trust me it hasn't been done yet I think ;)
dude, the police....nice! @drlizardo
love me some Police @MicahKnopp
^^^^ Just listen to these guys/gals they know what's up. :)