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To dream is beautiful, but to have your dreams come true is even more beautiful. There are many ways to go to Rome, so are your ways to live your dreams. Check this out and let us see this really work for us. Dream high!!
@moya23 Welcome back :) Is this an ecourse you're trying out yourself?
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haha....thanks @hikaymm. I feel like I have left this thing for a long time. Hmmm...iy seems so. :D
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@moya23 Moya! So great to see you again. I hope you have been still finding some time to write. So this is a course you're taking? I've been thinking about doing some classes myself, just for the workshopping, so I'd love to hear more about it.
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Thanks, Gregg! Yeah, I'm really missing my writing time. I'm taking my leaves now,so probably I will get some topics to write about... I haven't taken it yet,unfortunately. I found it and shared it,hope can be useful.
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