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Ingredients: 4 c. hot cooked brown rice (20 oz. of heated, frozen brown rice) 1 ripe avocado 2 tbsp. fresh lime juice ½ tsp. kosher salt, or more to taste ¼ tsp. ground cumin ¼ c. chopped cilantro leaves Instructions: In a medium bowl, scoop out flesh of avocado and mash with lime juice, salt, and cumin. Stir in rice and cilantro until well mixed. Adjust salt and lime to taste. Done!
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I usually mix my rice up with guacamole and sour cream anyway, so this is just a nicer version of that :)
Super comfort food! This is so easy to make too!
i LOVE lime. I'm for realz going to try this.
I served this Saturday night at a dinner party with corn & bean enchiladas (all carnivores but me). It was the hit of the party! The perfect side.
This looks and sounds delicious!