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Have most of you guys heard of these wheels? They have some pretty high claims and me and a bud of mine were actually interested in them. What's your opinions on them if any of you had seen or tried them?
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I still wanna try a set I mean can't hurt too much to try.
A buddy of mine has a set and I've tried them I couldn't imagine a better wheel less friction so more speed glides over small patches of gravel or sand like they don't exist a great wheel definitely worth a try
I was looking into getting the same kind but wasn't sure,
I've actually heard some good things about these wheels :) to me it's basically the same concept as having tires with treads. There's even a video of a guy sliding with them pretty well
I've looked into getting a set. Just the angles make it looks like a rough ride, but all the videos make it seem smooth an easy, soooo yes get them lol