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Okay, I was originally planning on making a card about why all athletes should use sprinting in their training, but then google suggested "why every athlete should have pickle juice" and I had to investigate further. Basically, there is some solid research stating that pickle juice is the master cure for muscle cramps. According to Active.com, "in the 2013 study, cramps lasted about 49 seconds less when participants drank pickle juice rather than water." It isn't the salt that has any effect, but the vinegar. Apparently vinegar triggers a reflex that alerts our brains to tell our muscles to stop contracting and relax making our cramps last significantly less time. Most studies say that even 2oz of the stuff is enough to make a difference, and suggest trying this out for yourself first at a practice. For those who just can't stomach pickle juice, there have been other studies done on mustard, though they aren't as conclusive. Throw a few mustard packs in your bag for the muscle cramps while hiking and test it yourself!
well... I guess it would be cool to try it.. besides, I'd rather eat one than be in one.
So how many pickles do I have to eat?
I think I would rather deal with muscle cramp. I can't ever imagine myself drinking pickle juice...
Me too @jdlegend but I guess if you get really bad leg cramps...
That second picture is hilarious, but if it works it works, right?
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