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New technology longboard style
most of these decks are constructed of a birch core and fiberglass layup, not gonna snap any time soon. when using composites you can adjust the flex patterns of the board allowing more energy return, the longtreks was impressive but at Ultra we're talking 200+ miles within 24 hours. longtreks was actuals skated on custom deemonseeds, which are traditional rayne construction, fiberglass and bamboo. the thing with LDPush is that they're not traveling with 30lbs of gear, they're trying to push their bodies to their fullest potential, its like people trying to hold out the longest standup slide. hell, why do Ronins need the support piins? no other trucks use them, but Ronins use support pins because they provide a unique feel and offer a crazy amount of stability. why do DTC wheels have aluminum cores? why can't they have normal cores? the same can be said for these, as its all a matter of perspective. in skateboarding, its all preference, and for a lot, these work better for LDP than other decks. debate is love, debate is life.
I thought I knew a decent amount of information about longboarding but by joining this community, I've already learned so much
when you're pushing 200+ miles straight at an event like ultra, and dedicated to LDP, like most people are dedicated to DH and freeride, you want as good and as tuned of a setup as something for someone who's gonna be hitting 60mph downhill. the brackets allow bigger wheel clearance, truck angle adjustment, and the decks designed for these systems are made for maximum energy return. this is far from kooky. LDP is a completely different discipline compared to DH/Freeride. someone who does LDP can just as easily say the same thing about a DH deck, that it looks kooky etc. the thing that separates this from shark wheels, tarantula trucks and wheel shields is that it actually provides benefits. not trying to argue or anyhting, but tons of LDP riders use these, you never see them cause LDP isn't as popular as some other disciplines. @steezus
Looks pricey, and sorta like reinvented tarantula trucks... Whhyyyyyyy do people have to mess with longboarding!!! Keep it how it is, nobody will spend the money on this when they can get a real, better board! I'm ranting again...
@steezus I didn't buy it I just look at and better take pic for vingle and that was in Holyoke malls
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