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Living in western Washington, we're very prone to rain over here. Hopefully this will be my next board in the coming month so my Canyon Arrow doesn't get warped from all the rain riding I do. x) 180 for a carbon fiber deck isn't so bad if i do say so myself, especially since it won't be prone to warping and it'll be more resilient when i bail occasionally. Check out hi5ber if you guys are interested in researching this board and there other ones. :)
@SteveSimpilton they have done it before im sure, but not for their recent one. If i get it ill make sure to give you guys feed back! :)
I wanna try one of there boards super bad... If you get one keep is posted I'd love to hear a personal opinion on one
If you get it give us some feedback on it!
If you're talking about the recent one they're having on instagram, that's for their zenith model.
really I seen this model being given away
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