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I saw this meme, and it spoke volumes to me about the importance of safety gear. A friend of mine also mentioned that the kook thing to do is to not wear safety gear. I'm not sure why people are against spending the extra few dollars to protect their heads, and cover their elbows; and knees. Think about it. Getting injured is just going to take you off the road longer. And IDK 'bout y'all, but I think safety gear can look pretty dope!
plus you can put cool stickers on your helmet cause we all know stickers make you go faster :P
I hate people who think helmets are dumb, because the public thinks they are "cool" so the kids look up to them and dont wear them. thank you for proving that helmets are amazing and spreading the word
@DanielSpazJames @Ghostloftheswift it's understandable, I mostly just cruise, though lately, I've been working on dem slides. It's funny you say that, because the day I got hurt, that's exactly what I said to my buddy: I never get hurt. That day, my safety gear was being shipped to my house. I fell going down hill, and I bruised my ribs as well as acquired some road rashes on my elbows and belly. Amazing I didn't rip my clothes, lol. But yeah, it could have been worse. I couldn't get up because I couldn't breathe from hitting the ground so hard. Luckily, my natural instinct was to push my body up so I only injured my upper extremities. Definitely a wake up call. I was off the longboard for 3 weeks, and that was even worse. If I had just worn pads, might've made things better for me.
I completely understand and hopefully I don't jinx myself either, knock on wood, but yeah I'm gonna get a helmet before I even get a new setup and start working on slides.
I should probably buy one before you all throw me out then. But before you say anything I have been longboarding for 4 years and never had any incidents and safety is was of my top priorities, when I'm boarding with friends I am always watching for cars. But I also only cruise so danger level is pretty low.
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