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Pennsylvania and rain
I'm going up to Pennsylvania around Thanksgivings time and I'm so stoked to bomb some real hills anyone in the Pittsburgh area interested? Also what is the real danger of riding your board in the rain?
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major wish I stayed there
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Major risk of riding in the rain is hydroplaning if you're going fast and your wheels don't have grooves cut into them. it is the scariest thing in the world
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Hydroplanong just like a car. So awful. So scary. Try to turn, but you can't, just start spinning. Look at my picture I posted this morning. Thats from a rain run
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Just like @IsaacPaulR said, its scary. My experience was going towards a guard rail at 40MPH, couldn't turn when i tried so i got low, sat down, and butt boarded to a stop with my feet acting as my breaks. xD Came about 2 feet from hitting the guard rail.
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Haha how rad! I do that all the time just regular conditions too. coming 30mph towards and intersection where sliding is eh.
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