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What do i say when i see you cry? Trust me, i'm your big brother. What do i do when i see them struggle? Let me help, i'm your Big brother. When times get tough, i promise, i will be there. Here's to all the times we wouldn't agree. Here's to all the times we couldn't see. I'll watch you grow as i did. I'll help you learn to push, like i did when you took your first steps. Without my siblings there's nothing i couldn't do. If it wasn't for the fact they were a pain in my ass, i probably would've ended it all. I now look at them and see that i have more than just a petty thought to give. I have a heart to show them, that in this life, there is nothing more to cherish but those around you, and the things given. I thank them for inspiring me to be me. to show that I AM the big brother. so many things that i would be more than willing to give. I AM big brother. you've all grown up. Moved to Oregon to go to school. From playing baseball in the yard to hitting home runs in the park. Wanting to play soccer like the big brother does. I can't wait to see my kids faces when they look at all of you. So ask me why I love you so much. I'll reply, It's my job. Ask me where i was when I wasn't home. Making a plan for you guys. Ask me what i'm doing it for. I'll tell you, it's all for you. Because without the significance of your lives. I would've checked out early. I Live to tell my brothers and sisters about why i'm here. I live to show them how to handle a mess when it happens. More importantly, I live to love you guys.
i don't mind at all (: i honestly think that siblings should all be this way towards each other. Compassion is in my heart, and i got it from them and many more. I'll share later where it came from other than my brothers and sisters.
@Voltron15 I hope you don't mind that I"m reading this, and giving it my older brother's voice, because I think like you he wouldn't necessarily say these things at first, but he feels them now, as we have become a stability system for each other. I like that this piece covers a wide range of time, and shows a lot of character development from the narrator.
This is really great. I'm a younger sibling so I've never had that feeling of being the older sister, but I know I'd be proud to have a big brother like you!
I love this; I'm an only child, but I have friends and cousins who definitely filled these roles.
@Voltron15 Looking forward to hearing more about it: I think we could all use a little lesson on how to learn more compassion ;) I think many siblings want to be this way, but they have trouble making it there, which is too bad.