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I love to travel, and I love to eat. My only worry as a vegan is ordering foods that I can't guarantee are animal-product-free. I find that most of my confusion, as well as my waiter's, is when I ask about the ingredients of sauces. I created this collection to highlight certain sauces that are often used in cooking (I found myself having a very hard time in Asia figuring out the sauces) so that you can confidently order some new and adventurous dishes on your journey! Feel free to comment on this card with any questions and suggestions and I will figure out what is in that sauce!!!
This would be helpful as I have a restricted diet. Please continue posting!
This is great! I spend a lot of time in Korea and Japan so as a pescatarian this will all be really helpful for me because of all the hidden fish and meat products :)
Like how Thai food has fish sauce in so many things! This will be a great collection!!