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Just a question about a truck/wheel combo

So i'm pretty dead set on shark wheels, even at their current price but i was also looking at newton trucks. From what i've heard theyre stable but responsive, and very low. Has anyone tried these yet? are the stock bushings good for mild downhill but as responsive as ive heard? Website is and if anyone has anything to say about shark wheels i would love a discussion.
I watched a review of shark wheels saying that they work on horribly patchy rough road. However if all you have is gravely road I'd suggest just getting a few buddies and sweeping the gravel. I assume you're riding on ride with bits of gravel on it, not an actual gravel road lol. I agree with @steezus some otangs or Cadillac swings would do just fine. Maybe post a picture of your road so we can give better input?
Just anything but sharks...
The area i live in has older roads and the terrain isnt what you would call smooth or flat, and ive heard from many that these wheels help for the more gravely roads, but what would you recommend?
Why the shark wheels? There are so many other, better wheels out there.
Just make sure if you are going with Newton trucks that you'll be setting it up with a board that would be less susceptible to wheel bite
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