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So i'm pretty dead set on shark wheels, even at their current price but i was also looking at newton trucks. From what i've heard theyre stable but responsive, and very low. Has anyone tried these yet? are the stock bushings good for mild downhill but as responsive as ive heard? Website is and if anyone has anything to say about shark wheels i would love a discussion.
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Try and test out different duros of wheels it might make a difference. Or hell get a drop through board. Nothing beats the comfort of a low-to-the-ground board! The problem with shark wheels is if you have to shut down slide for whatever reason, these wheels flat spot like crazy. After sliding a few time you'll pretty much be riding on squares. Get what you want man, its all personal preference and if you enjoy a set up then screw everyone else! Many of us just advise you to steer clear of shark wheels and get a wheel that you won't regret wasting money on.
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that was my only worry, because i watched someone try them for the first time and after only 3-4 slides they were very visibly worn. but thank you all for the input, it was very helpful
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abec 11 classic big zigs or zig zags will fulfill all your cruising and smooth ride needs
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newton's are low and light good for ldp and medium dh ñ freeride I would try sharkwheels but other choices are speed vents, flywheels or any large core wheels
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Just make sure if you are going with Newton trucks that you'll be setting it up with a board that would be less susceptible to wheel bite
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