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Shark Wheel Slide Test: http://youtu.be/mGLDceEPPRo I think these are worth a try. Even though they look like crap, I've been hearing nothing but good things. What do you guys think about them?
ya i payed retail for mine and its a little much but very much worth it if u have really rough roads in ur citys or towns like i do been workin on sliding but still high reccomendations for these wheels splerg a little for ur self and give thim a try guy like everyone always says dont knock it tell u try it whould love to hear ur guy's feed back if u do try them out
i have not @WonTon321 im just getting in to sliding so i dont really know much on that but for flat land and dhill there great
i have a set of them and i think there great and i dont think ill go back to normal wheel
Wheels only flatspot if you're a noob, or it is extremely hot, or if you hit some rubber seal on the road and the wheel stops spinning and you keep sliding.
I really want some of those I've heard slot
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