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Shark Wheel Slide Test: http://youtu.be/mGLDceEPPRo I think these are worth a try. Even though they look like crap, I've been hearing nothing but good things. What do you guys think about them?
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i do know one thing about sliding on them thow they don't really flat spot easy there any lock wheels wich means at any angle they keep spining @WonTon321
I've heard differently, especially with more free ride/ downhill oriented riders. I'd need to try them to really find out though. Still it's always awesome to be stoked on your own gear! :)
always am and ya that all im sayin is try'em out and let me know if u do
I really want some of those I've heard slot
Wheels only flatspot if you're a noob, or it is extremely hot, or if you hit some rubber seal on the road and the wheel stops spinning and you keep sliding.