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Mobile photography is all about getting great images without having to resort to using a DSLR. Google has done this as a favor to all mobile photographers and you should take note of it.
I think I'm going to buy note 4......!
I think I'm going to stick with my Galaxy S5. It truly is a great phone for me. The few plus and minus issues when compared to Nexus are not enough for me to switch. not yet anyway. You guys n gals are well educated. thanks for sharing!
Wow, that's a really big contrast.
@TechAtHeart Yes. All cameras can take good pictures in daylight but it's in high contrast and low light scenes that are most problematic for small sensor cameras. By utilizing computational photography techniques, we can squeeze more out of a smartphone camera without having to resort to using a bulky DSLR.
@benard Thanks for the tip I love my s5. such a better fit than my previous iphone. my camera isn't so bad imo.
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