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I have mentioned using olive oil as a deep conditioning mask before, but I've never made a full card about it. I recently started using olive oil as a hair mask, and found that it made my hair silkier, shiner, and much moister. Here's a few rules I live by now, after experimenting with different techniques: - 20 minutes is the max amount of time you should keep the oil in your hair. More than that and your hair will be oily even after a shower. - Organic. Extra Virgin. No excuses! Don't put any olive oil that isn't organic extra virgin olive oil into your hair. It's not worth it!! - 2 a week is the max amount of times you should be using this technique. Any more and you'll have oil hair, plus you'll smell like olive oil all the time :) Here's how you do it: - Rub Olive oil into the tips of your hair and wrap tightly in plastic wrap (I have tried ziploc bags as well and these work too!) - Let your hair sit for 10-20 minutes - Shower and wash your hair with shampoo, there is no need to use conditioner this time!! Let your hair naturally dry for the best results :)
This helped me get rid of my split ends for good :)
@JillianSeiden Olive oil doesn't darken your hair. Maybe if you use coconut oil or castor oil -- it might seem darker, but it's only temporary - it's the same way how light hair can appear darken when it's dirty. So having oil residue on the hair might make it appear darker. Do you have color-treated hair?
Somebody told me that olive oil darkens the hair. Is this true?
I've tried coconut oil but not olive oil! I dont know about the raw egg though @danidee, does it make your hair shiner or something?
I used to do this with olive oil and a whipped raw egg. It didn't smell the best but it certainly worked!
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