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need pointers

i just started with longboarding again I've hit a couple of hills in the past but I wasn't ready an broke my arm an messed up my knees, I never had any pointers on what boards I should get or set ups, I resultant to get good enough to where that won't happen, but I don't know where to start
What are you looking at budget wise?
Could you be more specific? Are you planning on doing downhill or freeride? And what kind of board do you generally like?(topmounts, drop decks etc)
Google will help you quite a bit. Try silverfish longboarding instead.
Know how to slide first, and always wear protection!
I got something that would cruise and be good for freeride. If you are going down hill make sure its not too flexy. has some decent freeride and downhill boards for $100 complete.
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