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If you're going to catch and release a fish, you need to do it properly: it's not enough to simply let the fish go. You need to ensure that you are letting it go with the best chances of survive. Why do your hands need to be wet when you handle fish? Well, it can remove some of the "slime" from the fish, which is their protective coating. It protects them from disease, so you don't want to wipe it off. If your hands are wet, this effect is minimized. You can use soft wet gloves if you prefer. Additionally, don't life your bass out of the water by the jaw or gill plate. The fishes weight can cause their tissue to tear, which doesn't grow to resist this kind of gravity pressure. Lunkers (including bass, catfish, muskies and northern pike, salmon and trout to name a few) should be landed in a net or with one hand supporting the belly if optimal health after release is a consideration. Recycled Fish has great guidelines about what to do (and what not to do!) in regards to catching fish. This was just an outline of their points about dry hands and rocks, but read the full procedures here to be a better angler! -> http://www.recycledfish.org/safe-angling/catch-and-release.htm
@mcgraffy @JaredMarinsky yep you wouldn't believe you many people I see out there handling fish completely improperly; you even see it in the pros sometimes! unbelievable.
@mcgraffy @yakwithalan nothing makes me more angry than an angler who doesn't nkow what they're doing on this front
@yakwithalan great tips. if anglers don't know these things they shouldn't be out fishing.