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Park Shin Hye shared her opinion about the role of Choi In Ha in Upcoming Pinocchio during Pinocchio Press Conference which was held on November 6th, at SBS Building in Mokdong. Park Shin Hye made a comment about dressing a school uniform again after the previous drama “The Heirs”. Park Shin Hye said, “I didn’t know that I would be on screen wearing a school uniform again after one year. It’s a story about growth of a reporter. It is also a story about young people trying to become reporters and it shows the characters’ part as part of the story,” and explained, “I wasn’t hesitant about wearing a school uniform again or worried about being compared to The Heirs since it’s a part of the explanation on how In Hwa and Dal Po meet each other.” She confidently said, “Since the character itself is different and the way I acted is different, I think you will be able to see ‘Choi In Hwa’ instead of ‘Eun Sang.’” Meanwhile, Pinocchio is a romance drama about a man living under a false name and a woman who cannot tell a lie. It is set to air on November 12
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