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I shared a clip of this awesome LED night skiing video sponsored by Philips a few weeks ago (http://www.vingle.net/psots/543441), but I didn't even realize there was a full film version. While the 3 minute version condenses all the awesome of this project into a short time frame, the film takes a more beautiful, slow approach to the action-packed fresh powder of this film. Sit back and enjoy these 11 minutes of beauty!
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@BryanCrappell I wonder if they plan on selling them; I know these were just produced by Phillips for the video but I feel like there might be some rules against them because of visibility for other skiiers or something....
I can see that. makes sense. I would like to wear the suit to a Walmart. lol just imagine the things people would say.
@BryanCrappell LOL you'd probably end up on people of walmart, but the joke would be on them!
i think I have had a change of heart. lol I do NOT want to end up on pow. lmao
@BryanCrappell hahah yeah I think it's a better idea to be checking out the people on it than to be on it yourself!