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Jon Hyde - Photography Reel - Medical Surgical:
Thanks! I'll do that. I have so many amazing stories from the OR. Or as it is sometimes called "the blue zone". At least in the operating rooms I visited. Anything draped in blue is sterile. This constitutes a "sterile field". For instance, if you are the surgical tech - assigned to make sure the surgeons have the tools they requested. They'd be laid out on a table, on top of a blue sheet - covered in a blue sheet. You - or anyone - who is not that tech and not actively involved in the surgery - cannot walk between that table (in blue) and the operating table. The space between those two areas is a "sterile field". And you can't break that space. It's a good way to get escorted out by an irritated scrub nurse and never allowed back in. So that's the whole blue zone thing. I'll put some of the photos from this video up so anyone interested can get a closer look. :D
I really love the photo at 0:57!! Because I read the story you shared in the comments of one of your B&W cards, I know how you got to be in this situation, but I think others would love to hear more about that as well!!
@JonPatrickHyde Seriously love your tales :) I didn't know about that zone, but I'm glad it's in place--I've only ever had 1 surgery, but the worry about infection is real so its great to know that reasonable procedures are (of course!) in place. I'll look forward to those photos!