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Lee Jong Seok revealed that he lost hair because of wearing a Bushy Wig for Pinocchio Choi Dal Po character. During the Pinocchip Press Conference which took place on November 6th at the SBS Building in Mokdongat, Lee Jong Seok shared the difficulty of wearing a wig. “In the drama, the [character′s] messy head becomes different when he becomes an adult. Because I′m wearing the wig for such a long time, I noticed that my front hair is falling out. It still feels like I′m wearing it, and it′s quite miserable. I came out far more uglier than imagined. It′s the kind of ugliness that wouldn′t have been fully expressed if a handsome actor took the role.” “I haven′t been able to tranform yet. When I′m doing other schedules than the drama filming, it′s really unfamiliar. When I take off the wig, it′s nice and cool, but I have a lot of worries because my hair is falling out.“
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