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During the Press Conference for SBS Pinocchio which was held on November 6th at the SBS HQ in Mokdong, Lee Jong Seok shared his thoughts about meeting Kim Young Kwang again in Pinocchio drama after working together in Hot Young Bloods movie. “In Hot Young Bloods, I got hit a lot. I got hit every time I met him. When I heard from the director that Young Kwang hyung got cast, the first thing that came out of my mouth was ′heol,′” said Lee Jong Suk. He added, “When I was modeling a lot, I wasn′t that close to him, but as I worked on productions, I came to think that he was a pretty cool guy.” On model-turned-actors actively promoting, Lee Jong Suk humbly commented, “Just because I did it first doesn′t mean that I′m more special than the others. The only difference is that I did a few more productions than them. “When I was a model with Lee Jong Suk, the time was different, so we weren′t that close, but in Hot Young Bloods, I came out with a role where I hit a lot,” explained Kim Young Kwang. “We got close then and we haven′t started filming together yet for Pinocchio. When I went to the meeting, I overheard Jong Suk telling the writer, ′Please put in a scene where I hit him.′ I guess he hurt a lot inside. I want to apologize here.” Pinocchio is about a man who lives with a fake name and a woman who cannot tell a lie. Lee Jong Suk acts as a local news reporter who has hidden abilities. The drama begins November 12. Source : SBS, enews
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