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Net neutrality advocates to protest against 'hybrid' FCC solution in dozens of cities
Protests planned outside White House and in other cities in ongoing battle over creation of internet ‘fast lanes’ by cable and telecoms companies. What people are going out to protest, mainly the new "hybrid" proposal that is now under consideration, however, the proposal has not been finalized. According to media leaks the new proposal would expand the FCC's powers to regulate broadband while also allowing a carve out for cable providers to charge more money for fast lanes services. The defenders of net neutrality want ISPs to be classified as common carriers under Title II of the Communications Act. This would give the FCC the power to stop cable companies from introduction "unreasonable discrimination" and ensure they work "in the public interest". The ISPs argue that this classification would hamper innovation by "tying the industry in red tape". Personally, I don't like anyone messing with the internet. Making fast lanes for the internet is not a necessity for the internet being too slow, it's just a way for cable companies to get their subscribers to pay more money while avoiding the inevitable, a revamped fiber-optics network.
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I agree, @TeamWaffles. Has anyone posted that amazing John Oliver Net Neutrality piece yet?
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Rage!! I haven't been following this as much as I should be. This is ridiculous, all data should be treated equal....this will affect startups as well. If this would have existed years ago, would sites like YouTube even exist????????
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