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Whose Angel are you? Angels in Bethany On tippy-toes she walks, conjures magic in her hand. In silence arose those many talks, unfolding the grand unplanned. Within you, awakens, to the feeling inside. All that you are, now embodies your guide; and, before she’s done, reverse the roles. Then I AM the one; that Soul of Souls. Angels that manifest, are not just fabled myth; being infinitely possessed, its the one that you are with. a post from Maya's Daily Meds - an app with daily medicine for your heart, mind and soul for Apple and Android devices Get yours today on attains or Google Play store search for Maya's Daily Meds
@richokun Yes, I can see that. It's possible that in order to share content that has real value for either community, you may need adjust and focus on sharing with one of the communities in a more valuable way, or simply sharing the samples of content from the app with the poetry community as poetry focused on the poems (not the app), and create a single card introducing your app to the apps communities might be more beneficial, but I'm not sure what rules in the Technology communities so you may want to ask @TechAtHeart for some feedback about that. Hope that helps!
@greggr Thank you - I understand and my intent was to share original material and content but also mention where this comes from by a small sentence and a link to know more if they choose to - I had to put the words"app" in the title because otherwise other communities (app) would not see them as appropriate -
@richokun I am the Creative Writing Community Moderator, but I also take some personal interest in the poetry community since it falls under that umbrella. Your poems themselves are great for the community, and very interesting works. However it seems that they are not interesting to our community members because they are infused with constant app marketing. I would suggest that if you want to remain a valuable member of this community you find a better balance between the app marketing, and the value of your creative writing on its own. I'm not sure exactly what that would be, but I feel like our community members should not have to be subjected to constant marketing within a community of learning and encouragement. Thank you for being so understanding; I hope to build a community of people who love to write and encourage others' writing!
@greggr Thank you - I am sharing free content which are samples of the words and pictures that are standalone posts, but also part of the app that I released which gives even greater content. I like sharing my work to help people who can relate to my learnings and also to expose it - Please let me know if I am doing anything inappropriate as that is not my intent at all. Also I am not sure which community you are in.
@richokun I'm a little confused; the poem is interesting, to be sure, but I cannot tell if you are looking to join in our community of sharing and critiquing, or if you're simply looking to share this app. If the former, welcome! My name is Greg, and I'm the community moderator.