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Guys that's me trying to slide. I think I did pretty good. But I need ur guy's help! Please tell me what im doing wrong.. Give me some advice. Plz thxs!
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Nice! I'm just learning is tried it but on flat ground not a hill. I felt like I was going way to slow for that slide. And Standies looking forward to learning how to do em. @MicahKnopp
yeah, I'm just happy that right outside my house is a slight hill that's perfect for practicing slides
Dude your lucky! I'm gonna leave soon to bush park. I don't know if u know that place but.. There is a big hill. And I'm gonna try to slide it. @MicahKnopp
I don't know where it is, but rad! There's a hill back up in Colorado where I used to live that I want to ride. its on the base of the mountains, and it goes on for 7 miles. its not steep, but its a gradual downhill
Damn dude! I should travel there somtime... @MicahKnopp