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Late Fall Crappie Report: Fishing is Good!
I decided to make a fall crappier run with some buddies last weekend, and we ended up with between 100 and 120 crappies! We boxed a double limit; I counted up to 48 but stopped in case I missed any in counting. Most of these were caught in 7' to 10' (used my fish finder) on a jig in low 60 degree waters. Great fishing, really, even if it was slower than you'd think with those numbers. The absolute best time to go fishing in the fall is just prior to a major cold front. Crappie should be shallow, filling up their stomachs. As the front passes, they will usually move back off the bank to deep water drop offs. If they quit biting, using a minnow should be enough to trigger them back to biting Typically the cold temperatures don’t last long after a fall front. As the days warm, Crappie will move back shallow again. I put together some other crappie related tips in this collection; check it out! http://www.vingle.net/collections/1180736-Not-so-Crappie-Fishing-Tips
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