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Kyle is always doing some weird things with fish (talking to them...?) but this is a fun little experiment anyways. He does catch a fish by running it around at full throttle with waxies for bait, getting bluegill. Not the most impressive catches I've seen from an RC boat, but impressive anways.
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Hey know this gives me a good ideal . is there a way to hook ur line and then release it when u can't cast as far or maybe put it in under some tree branches . then work it back to u ? That's something I will work on this winter .
@BrianMcNeeley That's a good idea; I have seen some more complicated RC fishign in which the reels are able to be controlled you know? so you can lower and release and reel and all that with the controller
I will do some more research on this and see what I can come up with . Have an ideal running through my head but want to try it out first .
@dougjohnson hey @brianmcneeley keep us in the loop! i'm interested as well
@brianmcneeley I have always wondered that. id like to know what you find