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The lure he's using at first is a Rapala DT 6 Demon! Awesome hogs from a great angler, he managed to pull in a big win from these. I think that lure might be something worth trying, it seems to do a great job. More lessons from the Bassmaster Classic!
yeah get some kvd squarebills they are dynamite. I have it tied on all year it just catches fish. I love the sexy shad color or shad pattern . both awesome.
yeah . but where I am at the lakes are full of bass I don't get why the bass dont eat them. so I switched to a kvd squarebill and the big bass just chew that bait.
@RonTorrisi @yakwithalan I'm gonna try them too! probably shad pattern
@RonTorrisi Never tried the squarebill, like I said I don't try many of the recommended lures haha but i'll check that one out myself thanks
I don't always trust what I see on bassmaster to be honest @mcgraffy the conditions are so different than what I usually encounter so i dont end up with the same rsults
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