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This is Daisy, my shelti I've personally trained. Carrying in groceries ? She'll shut the door... Wake up and let the dog out while you shower,shit,shave? She'll come in and shut the door on her own lol.. But I really love that she'll skate, she doesn't do it often because she just loves to run along side me. If a car comes, I snap my fingers, and she comes to my side and sits down till I tell her to get up... Best dog ever- so far ;) Tell us about your skating dog !
Trying to train my dog now. Hope he can get the hang of it soon!
My dog was actually trained to skateboard before I adopted her, but I don't have a board anymore. :( It was really cute and funny to see this weinerdog rolling around on one.
I trained my pup Gypsy to pull me. She respects the board and stays out of the way. She is a Rhodesian ridgeback and packs a punch. Slows down and stops on command. There are those moments though, where she gets really excited and goes faster and faster. Lol it's a rush! Luckily I'm at a level I can handle her when she is excited! We skate everyday! :) there is nothing as much fun as skating with your dog!
What the hell kind of board do you have ? I started boarding at 287 on a loaded tan Tien and now I'm down to 250, the thing is a champ- flex of 1 haha
If my dog stepped on my board, it would snap. He's 200lbs
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