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The famous Lemony Snicker book series A Series Of Unfortunate Events is coming to Netflix! There hasn’t been a live action adaptation of the thrilling tales since the 2004 Jim Carrey movie. No news yet on casting or when to expect the series but it looks like Netflix is continuing their roll of original projects!
Woah thanks for commenting @shannonl5 I totally forgot this was happening, and now I'm excited all over again! I agree, but it will be interesting how they try to bring the style into live action, even if not quite the same.
I'm definitely excited for the series but I kind of wish it was going to be animated instead of live action. the illustrations in the books were so evocative, and I don't think live action will have quite the same effect
@drlizardo I don't really love the ending, either, but I am glad the books are being made into a series! I think they really lend themselves to interesting on-screen adaptations
Loved those books but the poor guy didn't end them well, in my opinion. I would watch the series though.
@timeturnerjones I think they don't have a choice but to make those programs, or they wouldn't be able to keep up with other networks and providors!
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