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Can't decide between the land yacht switch 35 or switch 40 I love both but can't decide which would be better for my height. I'm 6'3" and I've stood on both and tested them slightly and both feel super comfortable to ride so what do yall think I should go for?
longer board more stability at higher speeds, shorter board more nimble
Thanks @boethius and everyone else I'm probably heading to my local shop to pick up the switch 40 this weekend thanks a ton
go with the 40. I'm 6'1 and loved my switch 40 up until some punk stole it. I love the switchblade 40 I have as well that replaced my stolen switch. the switch is a tad more downhill oriented and the switchblade slides like a dream! either one is a winner, but definitely go with the 40.
for ur hight I would do the 40
@tristendamon I think your right I'm gonna go for the 40 thanks for the help guys
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