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One thing that’s awesome about new tech is people are always looking for new ways to use old software like classic video games. Emulators and tablets are almost as popular for gaming as real consoles! I found this list of 8 classic games that would be awesome on a tablet. I haven’t even heard of some of these but they’d all be awesome on an iPad or something. + Starflight + A game older than me, but still has an active fan forum! How cool is that?! For its time it had a really massive universe to explore and had a cool Star Trek TNG feeling that would translate really well to a tablet. + Wing Commander + My friend was obsessed with this game and after I watched him play it’s totally understandable the game is awesome! It’s got an awesome flying combat system and the voice actin (John Rhys-Davies and Mark freaking Hamill?!?!) what is better than that?!?! + Mario Kart + The one and only original that somehow STILL lists with currently sold games on consoles. Imagine steering a kart tiling an iPad, I mean you can already play it on the Wii U which, if you didn’t know, has a tablet for the controller so it’s perfect. + Roller Coaster Tycoon + There’s actually a tablet version of this, but it’s not quite the original. Since I haven’t played it I can’t comment, but it does look like it’d be fun. + Populous + The first in a long line of “god games” you use powers to shape the world and create a society for your worshippers. A tablet would work really well for the kind of perspective you need to take with a game like this. + Castle Wolfenstein + Over 30 years old and originally released for the Apple II, I can’t even with that XD There’s apparently unofficial releases of this for Android and iOS things but no official one. + Tony Hawk Pro Skater + Well there had to be a sports one on here, but this actually sounds fun! It would be a chance to reinvent controls and do something really cool. Imagine doing a 360 spin my spinning you iPad around?! Yeah that might be a bad idea… but it’s still cool! + King’s Quest + The “granddaddy of the RPG and puzzle game genre” which is enough to make me interested, and the game looks pretty cool! It’s got a combination of puzzles and storytelling.