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In the most stunning trilogy of pink, coral, and nude, I took matters into my own hands to create a dazzling display of roses without bothering with a special occasion. Besides being fabulous, the cost was less than $50, and you can create the same thing yourself. You'll need: (3) Dozen of your favorite roses. (Pick three different shades of the same color) (1) Fabulous clear vessel. (I love towering glass trumpet-style vases) (1) Yard of silk/poly chiffon in the same color of the lightest rose. Method: Always clip and prep your flowers in room temperature water with floral food. Best to do this 24 hours before assembling the flowers. You will be amazed just how full the blooms appear. Scrunch and gently twist fabric into a loose rope-like strand and set aside. Gather your roses so that it forms a gentle dome and wrap the stems with the twisted corded chiffon. Place in clear vessel and fill with water that has been conditioned with plant food. What you will be left with will be nothing less than stunning!
@marshalledgar you couldn't be more right.. I'm going to make it happen today... women have such great minds.. thanks
That is a well put together set of flowers.. coral is lovely.. If I showed to the doorstep w set of flowers like that to my lady... it would make for a great evening.. @marshalledgar
Did you say nude? I know nothing bout flowers but giving them as a gift.. maybe show up w flowers nude? hajk umm total amateur sorry ha..
You are so correct @sanityscout. Thanks for the feedback. Love the idea too. Hi @worddoctor. everyone's an amateur at something. But with the right tools and techniques, you can be on your way. in fact I'm going to create a post about homemade flower food, using what you already have in the house! Your flowers will last much longer.
I think @McDoogle's idea is really good, too! lol!
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