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If you know anything about LA living, then you know that laundry day is ubiquitous with Just about everything that is identifiably LA. So imagine my surprise when I got this fantastic care package in the mail! Just the things I need, yet hate to spend money on:Tide detergent. Bounce fabric sheets. Roll of quarters. And a card that reminded me just how much I am loved. Getting this care package made me think. And here are a few of my take-aways and tips: 1. Be absolutely random in the timing of sending out a care package. Everyone LOVES to get random gifts in the mail. 2. UTS = Useful. Thoughtful. Simple. The contents have to be useful and not tchotchkes (completely), and it has to be something besides a gift card (more on that subject another day), and it's got to be simple. 3. No perishables. 4. Always include a note or card. (Don't be afraid to write "I love you.") What is the bestest care package you have either sent or received? I'd love to hear.
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@marshalledgar Thanks so much for sharing this post! I love this care package idea. Lucky you! I live in NorCal but I used to do coin laundry so I totally understand the love in this package. I would've needed another roll of quarters, though. Haha! I also love your list of takeaways - I will definitely take them into account when I send a care package. I've really been wanting to send more things in the mail to people, like packages and letters. I love getting them myself.