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Here we go, starting the longboard build today. Materials: 1) 3M Bondo Home Solutions All-Purpose Fiberglass Resin, 1-Quart 2) Minwax 33250 Helmsman Spar Urethane, High-Gloss Finish 3) 3M Wetordry Sandpaper, 9-Inch by 11-Inch, Assorted Grit, 5-Sheet 4) Aitoh SG-B Washi Roll Shoji Gami Origami Paper, 18-Inch by 30-Feet 5) Dynatron 358 Spreader 6) White Decorative Sand, 1.1 pound bag / 500 grams 7) Vacuum breather / bleeder cloth 60" 8) Airtech Econostitch Peel Ply 54" 9) Carbon Fiber Fabric 2x2 Twill 50" 3k 5.7oz/193.26gsm Commercial 10) Fiberglass 4oz/135.62 gsm E Glass 50" Plain Weave 11) CHURCHILL NS DROP THROUGH BAMBOO DECK 12) PREMIUM STREET GRIP SHEET BLACK (11"x44" Sheet) I obtained all these materials online: And a few other things you may need: Brushes/ sponge brushes or cotton roller- whatever you prefer Acetone/ nail polish remover- To clean off a used deck Breather masks- highly recommended exacto knife/ razor- need this for any project clean working station where the bard can dry and of course the setup for your deck (trucks, wheels, etc.) LOTS OF PATIENCE!!! A project like this lasts me a few week between work and school, so it might take you awhile to get done. I will be posting pictures and tips later as I move along with this project. If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask.
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I may have to try this with the Suzie. Thanks for posting!
Haha yee cf everything