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Too much riser? I think not.
Decided to put 3/4ths riser + a shock pad to have enough clearance for kegels. You can never have too much riser.
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that looks a tad sketch
3 years ago·Reply
how are the Phat Deanz Baby Dollz? might pick up a set once my checkers are cored
3 years ago·Reply
@Jlukasik they are my favorite wheel. @tristendamon kegels are 80mm, that's an original vecter 37, for me not to bite I have to do it.
3 years ago·Reply
Or a different deck @Agek
3 years ago·Reply
@tristendamon id rather spend 5 bucks rather than 200 aha. I'll be getting a pantheon embryo soon anyway.
3 years ago·Reply