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Throwback Thursday (Road Rash Edition)
Fun Idea, show me your road rash and your backstory! Here's mine: I was riding a small hill in my town going maybe 25, and a lady came up behind me and ran me into a curb, passed me and I lost control, I crossed the center line barely missed a car and hit another curb to fly into an abandoned parking lot. I was there for 30 minutes and neither of my parents picked up, so I walked up the hill and skated almost 3 miles to get home.. My entire back was bruised and torn Up, my ankle was super sore and my whole body ached, not to mention a minor concussion. I skated maryhill the week after though. Enduring the pain was so worth it. Stay steezy, -Patrick
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That looks very painful but more importantly did you do it for the vine?
3 years ago·Reply
Haha @eugenealcantar I didn't do it for the vine but the girl
3 years ago·Reply
Well that's even better
3 years ago·Reply
at least I don't look like that
3 years ago·Reply
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